What on Earth is this website all about? Are we talking BIology, ECology, or maybe even JEWology?

Perhaps this site will focus on sinology. No, not the study of sin; the study of Chinese language, history, customs, and politics. My China projects are based at ChinaWatch.pro, while my campaign against Jewarchy (Jewish corruption) is headquartered as Jews101.com.

Yet another possibility is conspiratology. I have several conspiracy-related websites under the umbrella site Conspiracy1.com. They include—take a wild guess—conspiratology.pro.

I have a major interest in symbology, but my national/state symbols project is headquartered at symbols.geobop.com.

As you have probably guessed by now, I also have a major interest in political studies. My obsession with politix has led me to study psychology.

Type “conspiracy science” into Google, and the results are simply amazing.


I tried it on July 3, 2022 and got 59,500 hits. However, when I waded through the results I found just ten pages of hits – a total of about 100. There’s a big difference between 100 and 60,000.

Equally mysterious, there was nothing pointing to my book, Conspiracy Science, or any of my conspiracy websites. Are the Jews who control Google afraid of me?

Conspiracy Science